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 German Census Records 1816-1916
Released June 2016
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German Census Records 1816-1916, published by Family Roots Publishing and available here at a 10% discount, just appeared in June 2016! 250 8½x11 pages, perfect binding, containing some color images.

What the experts have to say:

What a happy ending! After all these years, family historians are no longer discouraged by futile searches into that formerly hidden and unorganized body of German censuses. Let's sit back and listen to the cheers from both sides of the water!
—Shirley J. Riemer, author of German Research Companion and editor of Der Blumenbaum

Dr. Minert's stupendous work has opened up a new world for German researchers. No longer must one lament that census records are inaccessible or even "non-existent." He has made census records known and accessible. All German genealogists should have this book and make it a standard reference in their research.
—Dr. Fritz Juengling, Research Specialist, Family History Library

This is truly a groundbreaking work! Roger Minert refutes the conventional knowledge that censuses were not taken in most German lands, with numerous examples proving that they do exist. He not only describes censuses taken in the German Empire, state by state, but gives pointers on where to obtain them. This opens a whole new realm to explore.
—Ernst L. Thode, author and lecturer in Germanic family history

This book draws the attention of historians and genealogists to almost totally unknown resources. This is an amazing treasure for research in the German Empire in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Roger Minert introduces researchers to the development and nature of census records and he encourages us to seek out and utilize those records. This is a gigantic step for genealogy in Germany.
—Dirk Weissleder, President of the Federation of German Genealogy Societies

  German Research Companion
 German Research Companion
Updated & Expanded Third Edition
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Finally, the long-awaited revised third edition of The German Research Companion is available. This book, often referred to as "the bible of German family history," provides an exceptionally wide range of helpful information on hundreds of topics related to German research, all thoroughly indexed for easy reference. It is intended to accompany the German family historian on trips to libraries, archives, and workshops.

Since publication of the first two editions, The German Research Companion has become a popular tool among German genealogists. Family historians will find it to be one of the most complete and up to date works on German research currently available. In fact, it is the only book in print that covers the amazingly wide range of material needed . . .  View More Details

German Research Companion
 Researching in Germany: A Handbook for Your Visit to the Homeland of Your Ancestors

Updated & Expanded Second Edition
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Deciphering Handwriting in German Documents
Deciphering Handwriting in German Documents

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Setting a new standard in self-help literature for German family history research, this book incorporates for the first time the following important elements: A short history of handwriting styles in Germany; detailed separate methodologies for deciphering German, Latin, and French vital records; a computerized alphabet for old German characters; nearly 200 sample texts from genuine historical documents; and the application of the reverse alphabetical index in the deciphering process. From the perspective of a family history researcher, there are three significant challenges in German research: explaining spelling changes in German names, locating the ancestral home town in Germany, and deciphering the handwriting found in German documents. Every one of us will deal with the fist challenge, only the most fortunate can avoid the second, and most of us will evantually confront the third. Indeed, it is hard to imagine colleting ancestral data in a German town or parish using only typewritten sources; thus reading the old handwriting becomes an indispensable capability.

Spelling Variations in German Names
Spelling Variations in German Names

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For the first time a book examines the nature of each vowel and each consonant in German and describes the kinds of changes that can occur in the spellings of German personal names and place names. Variations of name spellings in Germany and between Germany and North America are featured. The book is designed for both novice and expert researchers; while the former can discover why specific changes in name spellings occur, the latter will find explanations for what s/he may have already known about those changes. Phonetic rules are discussed, but the reader is invited to skip those and use a trouble-shooting guide of over 200 names to proceed directly to examples of name variations. An every-name index is included. The thesis of this book is that name spelling variations are (1) natural, (2) logical, and thus to an extant (3) predictable.

Experts in the field have this to say about Deciphering Handwriting: "I have never before seen a book of this caliber on the market of genealogical resources . . . " (Trudy Schenk); "This is the type of book I have always looked for but had not been able to find - one that fills the gap between the scholarly treatise written by and for the egghead academic and the cut-and-dried undocumented 'pop-explanation' name book designed to appeal to the uncritical hobby genealogist." (Horst A. Reschke)

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